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My name is Shachar Giladi, I'm a fashion designer, graduated from the Fashion design department at “Shenkar College of Engineering, Design, and Art” in Tel-Aviv with honor. 

(Shekar's fashion department is ranked 6th in the prestigious BoF Global Fashion School Rankings.).


I'm a street-wear designer, specialize mainly in Denim.
Denim is timeless. Trendless.
we will always have our favorite pair of jeans in the closet.
It's an amazing material to work with since it has endless possibilities of manipulations and I love playing with all the spectrum of Blues it has to offer. 


I strive to design cool, individual, sensitive, and sustainable clothes. 

My inspiration always starts with the unique people I meet and the experiences I’ve shared with them. I strive to evolve them in the process in order to create designs that truly tells a story.
Fashion could be a very loud voice, and I'm privileged to combine my story with other people stories together.
That way,  fashion could really be a social healer.


I love to experience the fabric and to combine traditional techniques with my own made-up ones to create colorful and unique textiles, embroideries, cut-out manipulations, patterns and fresh color-combinations.


I define myself as a positive person with a lot of energy, a very hard worker, always a teamplayer and perform well under stress.